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Lumitero Fireball Incendio FireWand That Shoots Fire Original Authentic USB Charging For Gift, Fans, Toy
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"This wand is absolutely lovely! It shoots real fireballs! Just Wow! I got so many compliments on it. My son adores it, he is so happy now. " --Kenrich S

“I purchased the wand for the Halloween gift for my son, all his friends will be so jealous. haha" -- Juan P

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  • USB rechargeable, and the wand comes with flash paper that you can use to shoot around 100 shots.
  • Attention: Children must play under the supervision of an adult. Strictly forbidden to shoot the fire at pets, persons, or any inflammable goods.
  • Material: ABS
    Net weight:
  • Box: 280g Wand: 160g
  • Including: flash paper, spell card, charging cable, magic wand, user manual.

Endorsed by many influencers

How Does The Lumitero Fireball Wand Works?

1 Dry the flash paper

2 Use ENOUGH flash paper (Around 2x2 inch or slightly more, too little flash paper will shoot only smoke)

3 Use the wooden stick to push the paper ball inside the wand, and fire!

4 Have fun!  Shoot balloons, flash paper, cups and pests! Stand out in Halloween and custom parties!

Awards & Accreditations

​​​​​​​Google trust store with 5.0 reviews on Google. 

Bank level data security with Norton. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why buy from Lumitero?

1 Google Trust Store: We boast a 5 out of 5 rating on Google Reviews. Verify here

2 Authenticity Assurance: We exclusively sell high-quality, authentic wands. Fake wands risk getting confiscated at the custom.

3 Influencer Endorsement: We're endorsed by influencers, including Miguel, with over 6 million YouTube views. Verify here, our website is pinned in the comment section

4 Prepaid Customs Duty: We cover the customs duty for our products.

5 Swift Customer Service: Expect a reply within one business day.

How long does it take to ship?

We have warehouses in China, Singapore and the United States. 
• Singapore (2-4 business days)
• Australia (7-10 business days)
• The US (3-6 business days for Harry and Dumbledore wand, 5-13 business days for other wands)
• Other countries (7-13 business days)
Do I need to pay any custom duty?
Highly unlikely. We prepay custom duty for European Union countries and many other countries. (Very few merchants do that!) The chance you get charged by the custom is lower than 1%.
Is it safe to use the Lumitero fireball wand?
The fireball last only 1 nano second, hardly can burn anything. However, do not shoot at people, pet or flammable goods such as petrol or alcohol.
Children must play under the supervision of an adult. 
Why is my wand not shooting or only shooting smoke?
Possible reasons are:
1 The flash paper is too wet, dry it with a hair dryer  so it will work 
2 Not putting enough flash paper. You need to put ideally 2x2 inch of flash paper or slightly more, make into a ball and then press the shooting button
3 Forgot to turn on the button at the bottom of the wand
What are the ways to play the fireball wand?
• Shoot balloons, cups and targets for fun. 
• Get several wands for team competition.
• Give out as excellent gifts

Is there any discount if I buy several or in bulk?
Yes, get 2 for 10% off, get 3 for 15% off. Discounts will be applied automatically. For wholesale, email us at

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